About Us

Zen Ki Budo Ryu is the name of our school of Martial arts and translates as ‘The Zen and Ki school of martial arts’. We believe that the practice of any Martial art must place a priority on the development and understanding of the way of Zen and the aspect of Ki (internal spiritual energy) in order to be true to the spirit of the art and to also be truly effective internally and externally.


In our school we aim to discover and acquire a balance of hard and soft and an understanding of the external and the internal through the ways of Okinawan Shorin ryu and Goju ryu Karate-do.

Zen Ki Budo Ryu incorporates the practice of Traditional values and aims to develop the art of Karate-do, interpret and teach it in an innovative way. Other martial arts are also an important part of a student’s study. Foot and Fist Savate and Chi-Kung are other arts taught and are an important part of the syllabus. We believe that there are many arts that are interconnected and all have integral philosophies and aspects that don’t have any boundaries.

Our school is always evolving, slowly and carefully to make sure that the Martial arts practiced will have a positive impact on our lives and on the people around us. It is also very important that the students understand that the Martial arts and in particular our school, are for peaceful endeavors.


The art you decide to practice will reflect your aims, goals and needs in your life.

Grading levels in our school.

A Karate-do school is only a true school when it has a teaching syllabus. This syllabus is always developing (a living document) and it contains all the pre-requisites for each level in Karate-do.
The different belts attained in Karate-do relate to the level of skill and understanding that the student has attained. A student not only has to demonstrate good technique but also good etiquette and good attitude towards the art, the other students, the community and the teachers of the school. A student’s level of understanding of the art is not always evident in his or her ability to perform different physical aspects of the art so every student is often graded individually. Students often have strengths that are not always obvious, therefore the teacher must constantly analyze progress or regress.

Zen Ki Budo Ryu grading levels are;

  1. 9th Kyu : White belt. (attained when the student becomes a member of the school)
  2. 8th Kyu : Yellow belt.
  3. 7th Kyu : Orange belt.
  4. 6th Kyu : Green belt.
  5. 5th Kyu : Blue belt.
  6. 4th Kyu : Purple belt.
  7. 3rd Kyu : Brown belt.
  8. 2nd Kyu : Brown belt with one black stripe.
  9. 1st Kyu : Brown belt with two black stripes.
  10. 1st Dan : 1st Degree black belt.
  11. 2nd Dan : 2nd Degree black belt (Title: Sempai).
  12. 3rd Dan : 3rd Degree black belt and teacher level   (Title : Sensei).
  13. 4th Dan : 4th Degree black belt and teacher level  (Title : Sensei).
  14. 5th Dan : 5th Degree black belt and head teacher level. (Title : Shihan).


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