The Teachers of Zen Ki Budo Ryu…

Shihan Angelo Foresio. 5th Dan.
Cheif Instructor.

Angelo Foresio has been involved with Martial arts since 1975 and at the age of sixteen Sensei Alf Scibilia and Shihan Paul Guerillot introduced him to Karate-do and Foot and Fist Boxing (Savate). He has been teaching his own Dojos since he first attained his 1st Dan black belt in 1980 and has run many Dojos around the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. In 1995 after the death of Shihan Paul Guerillot he founded his own school of Martial arts known as Zen Ki Budo Ryu.

Sensei Tony Lucas, Sensei Jeff Campbell, Shihan Angelo Foresio,
Sempai David Smith, Sempai Ashley Burazin, Sempai Bryson Shearwood.

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